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Distribution Solutions

Expectations are increasing to provide on time delivery smoothly between companies, customers, suppliers, and employees. In this competitive market one of the biggest challenges arises from information that needs to be allocated from different systems to create a full picture of the distribution process. This lack of transparency into the supply chain can decrease response and control on inventory, greater risk and cost associated with operations. Identifying market trends becomes improbable in order to stay ahead of the current competition. Companies that are not able to consolidate this information will be left behind in the current climate as competition demands faster product exchange, transactions, and information consumption.

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Top Distribution Challenges:

  • Improving inventory controls and operational costs
  • Increased visibility into supply chain
  • Meeting the ever-increasing demands of customers
  • Maintaining agility throughout operations
  • Obtaining data accuracy to enhance order management
  • Improving product availability and inventory positioning

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    Modax can help distributors to fine-tune their methods through real-time warehouse management on a unified platform that streamlines financials, logistics and operations on a cloud-based, flexible platform. Have an integrated warehouse management system (WMS) to meet growing business demands for end-to-end requirements. A further step in automating services and forecasting to provide faster and more accurate responses to growing business demands.

    How Modax Consulting can help:

  • Integrated warehouse management brings together financial solutions
  • Increased visibility to real-time data with the goal to efficiently forecast operations
  • Access to build custom applications in order to meet specific operational requirements
  • Identifying emerging patterns and keeping inventory lean
  • Provide optimal placement of inventory and decrease cost and inefficiencies

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