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About Us

Solutions that are easy to integrate

After 15 years of proven experience helping to create and implement innovative solutions to meet business requirements that excel industry standards. Our dedicated team has helped empower companies and provide them with essential tools for sustainable growth in this modern era. We pride ourselves to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies that can dynamically tackle any obstacle. Our principle is to build strong relations so that we can continue to provide dedicated support to our existing clientele.’

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Easy to integrate

Modax provides the best business solutions for transforming companies to succeed in the new digital era.

Global service

Modax operates and provides consulting service to customers in Canada, US and UK. Our implementation methodology allow us to help customers remotely.

Customer support

Modax customer support program is easy to use. Our goal is to make our customer self-sufficient.

Our Approach

We take a personal approach to identifying problems and developing sustainable strategies. We believe the best course of action is to go through options with our clients, so they have ownership of results that will exceed industry standards. We truly believe that an ideal solution can only be achieved by actively understanding your business needs, providing our expertise and having a mutually acceptable solution. Our goal is not complete if we cannot empower our clients with detailed training and dedicated support.

Cloud ERP Solutions

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Why Us?

Our expertise is to bring the best solutions to all our clients with exceptional service. We only recommend solutions that can improve and streamline business process’ with confidence. Our team is well versed to handle any problem that can arise and tackle any challenge with innovation and creative solutions. We like to go further by providing the tools and knowledge to build confidence to our clientele. Ensuring that they have invested, not only to solve current problems but to forecast and address any future obstacles.

We help our customer to recommend the right solution

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